Thought I’d start with books

Well since we’ve got a long haul ahead of us this is THE TIME to read (or reread) – Proust – Remembrance of things Past…’s such a rich and concentrated book and it rewards a long slow reading…

If this is to be a once in a generation event then that is certainly a once in a generation book..


6 thoughts on “Thought I’d start with books”

    1. It’s really good apart from the 200 pages towards the end when he goes on and on about the Paris sewer system in great detail – turns out he had a friend who had helped design them…. or where you making a play on our ‘miserable’ time – in which case Misery is also a good choice!

    2. Please do read Les Mis. It is a fantastic book and nothing like the musical. Don’t confound the brilliance of the firmament with the star-shaped footprints of a duck in the mud..

  1. Swans way is accessible and well worth the read. Are you suggesting the who of Remembrance of things Past – co it’s a bit of a BRICK

    1. Well I was thinking that if you are prepared to read around 50 pages a week then you can do the whole lot in one year – which is about how long until this all blows over. I have read it before but think I’ll enjoy it more as an older woman! I agree Swann’s Way is the most accessible part (maybe because it’s the bit with the most lesbian content!)

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