• Your new step class is here
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObOkhXGu7oY   Moo posted this on facebook and I nearly spat my tea out 
  • Warm up & Stretching advice please
    Hi Den, can you give me some warm up and stretching tips please? I now have my little gym set up and a bit like Nicki can be prone to injury particularly in my left calf. I haven't run for a while which i'd like to get back to but don't want to over do … Read more
  • Den quick mini workouts
    Pick three exercises: for example Squats, Press ups and sit ups. Find a favourite tune ( on your iPod if you are Debs). Do 5 repetitions of each exercise one after the other throughout the tune (PS don't pick Bohemian rhapsody its a bit too long!) until the end of the song.  Repeat finding another … Read more
  • Spring cleaning
    I’m finding it a great way to keep fit!