For all things gardening……

  • Growing tomato’s – advice needed

    I am not able to get tomato grow bags anywhere. I can however buy fabric based bags that I have to fill my self, which I’m happy to do but if anyone has other ideas / suggestions I’d be grateful 

  • Seeds

    Most commercial websites are reporting high volumes of people buying seeds. There are some really good seed companies on eBay – I buy a lot of seeds on here as they are much cheaper and also more interesting varieties are available. Only downside is they don’t come in fancy packets with instructions so you need to google their requirements.

    I would also add that if you like salad, lettuce is a great thing too grow – germinates fast, is fairly robust and if you keep planting little and often it, you can pick from May right through to October in a decent summer. Just need to watch for slugs…

  • Most Productive Veg

    Productive means easy to grow, productive and easy to store.

    8 years into the allotment project, dwarf green beans (Stanley) and squash (musquee de provence) are the most productive things to grow and easiest things to store. I am just planting the first Musquee seeds for 2020 and just eating the last Musquee from 2019.


  • Fresh Fruit

    Before the online sites all close down if you’re looking to get some fresh fruit on a regular basis then it’s not too late to get at least 2 blueberry bushes. Preferably different varieties. Stick them in a light part of the garden in ericaceous soil and keep well watered and potentially netted. 

    Super fruit without the shopping.

  • Starting the Veg Garden
    Planting in greenhouse yesterday. Project seems more like a necessity now than just a hobby. Recommend anyone with a spare area in a flower bed to get something in. For small space – largest output I’d recommend french beans. Also freeze well.