Starting the Veg Garden

Planting in greenhouse yesterday. Project seems more like a necessity now than just a hobby. Recommend anyone with a spare area in a flower bed to get something in. For small space – largest output I’d recommend french beans. Also freeze well.


3 thoughts on “Starting the Veg Garden”

  1. I have some questions for my expert mates…..last weekend I planted peas and Leeks into my raised beds ( as per the packet instructions)….having had a couple of frosts, will I loose them? or should I just have faith that the warmish sunny days will help?

  2. Hi Debbie. So long as they have not become seedlings yet they should be fine. Peas in particular are cold weather plants and don’t like too much heat. So your seeds should be fine. Might slow them a bit. But basically should be ok but if you don’t start to see seedlings and shoots in a couple of weeks then sow more!

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