Aim here is to post up quizzes etc to keep the grey cells oiled….

  • General Knowledge Quiz
    100GeneralKnwledgeAnswers 100GeneralKnowledgeQuestions 100 Questions and Answers to while away a few minutes. Not written by me so no idea how hard/accurate etc etc
  • Travel the Unknown’s weekly quiz
    Each Tuesday Travel the Unknown will have 5 questions on a particular topic – first week is Tuesday 28th April There is a prize of a voucher to be redeemed against a trip with them (obvs T&Cs apply) or you can just do quiz for fun
  • Name the film
    Today's playlist contains tracks from some of my favourite films…..can you name them? A Town Called Malice – The Jam Mrs Robinson – Simon & Garfunkel Everybody's talkin – Harry Nielsson – Midnight Cowboy Tell him – Patti Drew Jack Rabbit slims twist contest / you never can tell – Jerome Patrick Hoban, Uma Thurman, … Read more
  • Alphabet Quiz
    AlphabeticalOrderDownload Attached is a document with 52 images in it.Each of the images 'represents' a letter of the alphabet so there's 2 images per letter, plus possible red herrings etc. Can you match the pictures , and their numbers to each letter?
  • Photo 50/50 mergers
    Can you name for each picture the 2 people whose faces have been merged. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Thanks to Maggie for this one