Mapping old Met Office Rainfall records

Mapping old Met Office Rainfall records

Whilst the weather is sunny we obviously want to enjoy the outside but if that changes or you know anyone who can’t go out and has internet access then they might want to help Rainfall Rescue

There are tens of thousands of UK rainfall records that whilst scanned, the data itself is not digitised so can’t be included in analysis of changing weather which may help to understand and prevent flooding in the future

What do you do…

You sign up in seconds, and get presented with a Met Office record and take three data entries showed in the same place on each record and type it in on the screen. Press Done. Get next record automatically shown on the screen.

I’ve done some this morning, I was quite slow as I got distracted into looking at where the place was on Google Maps!

There are also loads of other projects that might be more interesting to you or you might want to create one and get volunteers for your projects?

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